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Oxwall is slowly moving from being a "read" community to a "write" community.

So far, product development has been pretty much centralized, with all known benefits of it: moving fast, keeping all parts of the product tightly integrated, so the end users could enjoy the complete seamless experience.

As the time flows more developers and designers started showing up and making their products for the platform. Some of those are wise to listen to the community needs and working from there. In the past months the product has received a lot of valuable and much anticipated features. Those features could have never seen the light of the day, should only Oxwall Foundation work on the product.

So far, this tendency is strengthening, community activists keep contributing their work, and Oxwall Foundation's focus will start slow shifting from developing the end product to curating 3rd party contributions - working on documentation, providing samples, solving platform shortcomings, etc.

All of this is a good soil for seeding commercial efforts for Oxwall by 3rd parties. More developers start offering their paid products and services. We are waiting for companies to realize the demand and start offering products and services of the next level. We at Oxwall Foundation are ready to co-operate and en-armor those trying with information, advise, and platform iterations.

Happy Oxwalling!
Mike Mar 25 '13 · Tags: oxwall, future

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